Hobbiton: The Movie Set | Day Tour

Hobbiton Movie set

Exploring the Hobbiton Movie Set!

A day out in the Lush Green Pasture!

Every movie Fan is amazed by the beautiful Hobbiton trilogies and the Lord of the Rings movie set. I got to experience this 12-acre set, which is situated in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand 2 years back during a winter morning in Auckland!

This Iconic Hobbiton Movie set, which is located in the Matamata region of New Zealand, this is 3 hours drive from the Auckland city.

Ever thought of spending a day in the Hobbit Hole, well the tour is worth the money and time. Take a short bus tour from the heart of the Auckland City (Private day Tour buses), it’s ideal to book a day early or a few days early during the peak season. The trip starts as early as 7 am in the morning and brings you back by 10 pm at night, so make sure to carry water and your warm clothes along.

Hobbiton the Movie set

New Zealand has been known as the home of the Middle Earth, hence you read the term when people talk about the Hobbiton trip.

Before I head to the Green Dragon Inn, where all the Hobbits used to enjoy their meet, greet and drinks. Let’s take a visual tour of the entire Hobbit era.

Exploring the Middle Earth!

Let’s take a visual tour of the entire Hobbit era.

Before you arrive at the Hobbiton Movie set, you make a stop for your morning tea at the Matamata Heritage Trail and the Souvenir shop. Browse through the heritage books and all the tours this region offers.

Hobbiton Movie set

Each Hobbit Hole/house is unique and takes you back to the era, where you can experience a bit of their lifestyle. Some of the Hobbit Holes are open to Public but others are not, hop in happily to take a family Portrait. We experienced a wet Winter morning, hence you see me carrying an umbrella in some of the pics.

A couple of the Hobbit homes has a make believe market place, stalls selling pumpkins and meat.

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The guided tour takes you across the Hobbit Civilisation, narrating the filming stories, which Hobbit hole they actually used for filming the movie.

There are now 44 such hobbit holes on view, however, it is only possible to enter a few of them, all of which have small, unfinished, earth-walled interiors, don’t expect to find Bilbo Baggins inside!

Hobbiton Movie set

These hobbit hole facades are constructed from untreated timber, ply and Polyesters, some of them are not visible until you observe them really close. On a moonlight night, this place becomes a picturesque location for photographers.

A part of this lush Greenfield has a lake overlooking the Hobbits hole, on a  bright sunny morning the reflection make thus place look beautiful, dpnt forget to stop by and take a family picture here.

Hobbiton Movie set

Post experiencing The Hobbit film trilogies in a fascinating two-hour guided tour, we made our way to the Shrines rest Cafe! This was the Hideouts of the Hobbiton’s residents for their evening drinks! Here we were treated at the warm fireplace with a complimentary, exclusive Hobbit Southfarthing beverage!


Hobbiton Movie setHobbiton Movie set extravagant however, you shouldn’t miss out on their speciality soups and pies.

Before we said goodbye to this movie set crafted by Peter Jackson’s imaginative mind, we thought to explore the neighbourhood, which is a huge green lawn to wonder around and cuddle a sheep.

Hobbiton Movie set tour


So, if your planning for the North Island of New Zealand, don’t miss out on this Rustic Movie set day tour! Also, check out the nearby attractions which are Waitomo for Glowworm Caves and Ruakuri Cave.

If you have already been here, do leave a comment on your experiences, it will be wonderful to read about it.

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