How to Style a Long Top ?| Sunday Brunch Outfit

How to style a long top ?| Sunday Brunch Outfit

How to Style a long top?

Summer is here in Melbourne in full swing, so needless to say my weekends are jampacked with family lunch, brunch meetups, getaways with family and running errands.

We often pull out something which is comfortable, casual and easy to carry along keeping in mind our style quotient and the heat. 

Have you ever thought along the top would be so multifunctional in nature and how seamlessly can be styled stand-alone or with distressed jeans?

So here you go, I styled this Long top, from Trahmisu in 2 different and unique way:

The oversized tops can be worn as dresses solo by itself  or stylewith your favorite jeans. I styled the oversized top from Trahmisu: Rock this Look with a pair of Sneakers!

Wear it as a simple dress embellished with cool jewelleries or simply accessorise with you favourite pair of sunglasses!

This fully fun part on its front with a play of colour, texture, uneven front hem and a quirky triangular centre detail… Very suitable to be worn with leggings or your skinny jeans or shorts or it can be worn as a simple short dress…

Another more modest way of styling along the top is wit Distressed Jeans. If you ask me I will tell you I have always been a cropped top person.

Never underestimate the power of this super easy styling trick.

Extra-long blouses or button-ups can feel overwhelming on smaller frames I thought the same! Until I styled this Long top with my favourite Jean.

The best part of Trahmisu Brand is that each product is unique and you don’t any look-alike products. You can now find Trahmisu as a prime product at too.

So, go ahead ladies check out their unique outfits and enjoy the 60 days of summer with glamour and panache! And don’t forget to share your unique summer outfit ideas with me.

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