6 Hidden Gems in Victoria | Weekend Notes

6 beautiful yet hidden gems in Victoria | Weekend Notes

Wander with me to discover 6 Hidden Gems

Rugged beaches, Sandstones cliffs, Manicured Gardens and Pristine Coastlines, that pretty well defines Victoria.

With numerous warm days at our disposal and with the extended sunny weekends, you must be hunting for places which you haven’t seen so far?!!

So, here I am to give you the top 6 picks of the Hidden yet stunning locations/Gems I Victoria, which probably you might have missed out or not known before.

I plan to find out at least one such place in Victoria every weekend, sounds interesting oh yes this state offers possibly everything from mountains, beaches, hot springs/ spa or waterfalls.

#Diamond Bay

Perched at a silent curve in the Mornington Peninsula, this place features to be a must-visit destination for a weekend Trip.

The sandstone cliffs and the stony beaches make this coastline nothing less valuable than a Diamond, it definitely stands by its precious name.

Whether your an adventurous person, who loves trail walking or a beach person who loves his/her me time a the beach, this place has something for everyone.

Walk down the trail stairs to get a panoramic view of the Rugged Cliffs, it’s a bit windy always so make sure to carry a jacket along.


Diamond Bay
Diamond Bay, Sorrento
Diamond Bay
Diamond Bay, Sorrento

Diamond Bay

I am a big fan of street arts and if your a Melbournian, then you definitely can’t deny the fact how much we love these. Morning Peninsula has plenty of these Street arts too, don’t forget to catch them on the way back from the Diamond Bay. They serve the perfect shots of your Insta-love!

6 Hidden Gems in Victoria

#Cape Schank Lighthouse

Probably one of the best places I have been in Victoria, this place definitely needs a mention, in the weekend Notes. Known for its unspoiled beaches and stunning landscapes.


Cape Schank, Victoria

Cape Schanck, Victoria
Cape Schanck, Victoria


#Aurthers Seat Lookout

Take a Cable car ride with Family to capture the stunning view of the bay or walk up to the several lookout trials that leads you to an unexplored path.

Whatever you do, you will end up having an adventure, there’s a lot of history attached to this place when Flinders found Aurthers seat and the peninsula.



#Lavendula Farms

Perched on 20 mins drive from the Daylesford central, this Lavendula Swiss farm (Daylesford, Victoria) offers a wonderful location for a family day out. Plan a picnic or just drop by for a morning coffee, kids would love this place and couples would find it soothing to romance around the fields.

Settle down by the shade to feed the swans or see them flocking around while you enjoy the Lavender Scorn, Jam & cream.

This place has its own rustic vibes, which probably takes you back to an era, where you wish to stay a little longer.

The cafe offers a wonderful view of the Lavendula fields, join in for a family celebration or see someone take a vow!

Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm, Daylesford
Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm, Daylesford
Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm, Daylesford
Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm, Daylesford

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#Albert Park

Possible the best place in the city to unwind, can you image a place in the city which offers such tranquillity? Well, you cant until you have experience Albert park before.

Settle down with a coffee and enjoy the sailing with the Black swans flirting around. Grab a lunch or enjoy a family picnic. This place is certainly on my monthly escape list always.

# Crib Point/French Island

Virgin rocky beaches with amazing sunset views and places to go fishing and camping with the family. This region of the western port is more secluded than the peninsula area and offers perfect tranquillity.

Love the sea? Don’t forget to hop on to the Westen ferries to have a taste of the French Island just 15 mins by the ferry.

French Island, Victoria

If you have been already to the above destinations, let me know what’s your favourite? My favourite is Cape Schanck Light House, the stunning sea cliffs with the Lighthouse view, which I can keep staring for ages.

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Mornington Peninsula:Gateway to Rugged beauty & Pristine elegance!

Perched just 60 kms away from the CBD of Melbourne, this sandy Inlets known as Mornington Peninsula offers a bit more just a weekend gateway.Drive down or catch the train this is easily accessible by the public transport (PTV) Please click here to download the map 

If you are using public transport you can get down at Frankston Station where you have various connecting buses that takes you to Dromana, Portsea, Sorrento and Rosebud the other side of the peninsula.Click here for the Bus timetable

From Rugged Coastlines , Hot springs, sandy bays, Stunning beaches and myriad native wildlife, this place definitely features as a no.1 escapade among the Victorians.

Carrum Beach
Rye Beach

The highlights of this beautiful peninsula are the colourful and iconic bathing boxes, this always figures out in lot of bollywood songs and movies wherein you can see the movie star dancing to tunes with the boxes at the backdrop.These bathing boxes are owned by individuals and are used for bathing and changing purposes.One can catch the glimpse of these bathing boxes across the Gorgeous coastline from Seaford, Mount Martha, Mornington, Rosebud,Rye, Portsea to Sorrento.

Frankston happens to be the last connected Public transport stop from the City, this place offers a plethora of activities to kids, one of them is the Sand sculpturing, Australia.


These sculptures change once in 3 months and are made of sand and glue so that they remain intact.There’s a kids play area section, where kids and toddlers can make their own sand castles too and spend some times exploring the area.

The broadway walk on the Frankston beach stretches along the entire peninsula and is a good walk for beachgoers, soak, play or swim  in these pristine water or for some water sports.

Sorrento is a popular destination on the peninsula and the “Seared ferries” that runs hourly connecting the other end of the peninsula which is known as the Queenscliff. Check out the Ferry timetable

The pier itself is a wonderful place to wander around . There’s a playground, cafes, resturant anda mini market for visitors to have a variety of  choices to choose from. Or you can simply relax and enjoy the Views across the bay and the landscapes are worth the watch.

The 45 mins ferry ride is worth the penny as they take you across some breathtaking mountain views along with Whale sighting, if indeed you happen to be lucky.

On disembarking at Queenscliff, one gets greeted with a plethora of eating joints which is set across at the Yacht club, enjoy having a pizza or pasta with the amazing view at the backdrop! There are whale watch tours that takes off from here as well Yacht hiring for private parties. The “Seared ferries” operates till 9 in the evening including the public holidays.

If you thought only beaches would sum up Mornington experience then you are probably wrong, head straight towards the world’s best Mineral hot spring Spa at Rye (this place isn’t accessible by public transport and one needs to drive from the Rye beach).This is a place is not to be missed for any visitor to the peninsula.From the mineral bath to sauna or spa, this place has it all.Book a spa package or combine with a luxurious stay overnight, they have it all.

The  Mornington Peninsula National Park offers wonderful view of the wildlife in Australia not only Kolas and Kangaroos but to many protected species of the Country.Have a personal encounter with a Kangaroo or wander along the trail.

The several beaches along the coastline of the peninsula offers something to offer for everyone, take a walk along the broadway or catch up with family over a coffee at the beach shack. There are many cafes which offers sumptuous breakfast and a must try if you arrive early in the morning!

These beaches are known for having stunning sunrises and sunsets, the best can be caught at Cape Schack and Hastings Jetty and Diamond Bay at Rye!

No matter how many times you visit this peninsula , you seem to discover something new always, i have been here 4 times in 6 months and i still want to go and explore more of this stunning peninsula!

*Images are clicked by me