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Things to see at Hobart, Australia

72 hours in Hobart, here are the 7 must see places:

As I am a fortnight away from birthday, I thought to reminisce my last year’s birthday trip to Hobart, Australia.

Perched at a 45 mins light from Melbourne, this Capital city has a list of things to offer, especially if you’re travelling with a kid.

We embarked on a 72-hour long journey to this city last year in September, it’s supposed to be Spring this time of the year. However, the temperatures in Hobart are a couple of degrees lesser compared to that of Melbourne. So, if you think of carrying your Spring clothes along, let me remind you that you will be shivering for sure.

#Franklin Square

Franklin Square is an oak lined public space in Central Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.This is the CBD of Hobart and all the major Public buses run from here connecting the suburbs.It is named after a John Franklin, a former Governor of Tasmania. It and Hobart Town Hall were built on the site of the former government house of Tasmania.

Lush Green Lawn, with the Franklin Fountain, is a great spot to unwind and soak up the atmosphere of Hobart.Perfect place for a day tour and family picnics, the adjourning cafes offers a great variety of cakes and coffees to go along.

There’s a Visitors centre across the road too, in case you wish to collect further information about the city.

#WineGlass Bay

A remarkable day tour, that takes you through Coles Bay, Freycinet National Park and Swansea, before you arrive at the Wine Gass Bay, Hobart. Book a day tour or drive yourself, I would highly recommend taking a guided tour as they take you through all the historical precinct which you might miss out if you drive yourself.

Things to see in Hobart

While driving to the Wine Glass Bay, which approximately takes 5 hours, makes a stopover at the Coles Bay. The views are stunning, so make sure to have a 30mins standby at this place, a part of the Freycinet National Park is visible from here.


“Travel Tip Fishing and boating, bushwalking, sea kayaking, rock climbing, sun and sand, and spectacular coastal scenery, there are ample of things you can do over here.”



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#Up & Close with Wallabies

While trekking down the Wineglass bay don’t miss out to get up & Close with the wallabies. They are extremely friendly and your little ones can feed them while you enjoy the views.

Wine glass bay, Hobart! Things to see in Hobart

#Honeymoon Bay

As the name suggests, Honeymoon Bay – Freycinet National Park is famous among couples to say “I DO”, may visit here to get married and others come to revive their wedding vows. Probably, that’s the reason where it gets its name from.

The Huge Granite rocks surrounding the Bay, gives a stunning view, don’t forget to carry your towels as during summer, you can’t miss taking a dip here.

#Cascade Brewery

Tour is a great way to experience the proud heritage and brewing craft of the Cascade Brewery, a Tasmanian icon. This Brewery is no longer operational, however, you get an up and close understanding of the beer processing.

Cascade Brewery , Hobart

The Brewery Cafe is a good place to hang out with kids, there’s a Garden adjoining to it and makes it an Instagram worthy too!



#Weekend Farmers Market

Every Saturday, Hobart gets into a celebration mode with their Farmers Market. These market serves as a good place for foodies, to try out various cuisines which they wish to.

Farmers Market, Hobart


#Hobart Waterfront

Last but not the least, the waterfront of Hobart is picturesque and a feast to the tourist’s eyes.


Where to stay?

It’s ideal to stay around the Hobart CBD, I highly recommend Best Western Hobart, because of its location and ambience. I happen to celebrate my birthday here, needless to say, they have an awesome spread of breakfast menu too!


Things to do in Hobart, Tasmania

So, the next time you plan an Australian Destination, do make sure to fly to the this Capital City of Tasmania.

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