Wellness: My way of Living!

Being a Beauty Queen wellness is a quintessential part of my life, I can’t forgo a single day not including this element in my daily routine.
So, what consists of well-being, it’s a way of life, a subset of your happiness quotient, your stress handling ability, how active your and what includes in your meal!


I start my day on a positive note, that today is the day I am going to chase my dreams yet again, no matter I fail or succeed that doesn’t redefine my dreams, they only take me one step closer to it. A positive mind set can change the outlook of our life, this factor contributes to our overall wellness too.
I always don’t get greeted by success; there are days when I am extremely low, so what I do? Pull up my sleeves, relax, leave everything and do things that makes me happy, go out and shop at my favorite store, plan a short gateway with family or call an old friend and chat for an hour or listen to my favorite music. I eventually realize, this is a good technique to move over the low days and feel motivated to start afresh.


Eating Right:

Your what you eat; so, make sure you eat the right things, being healthy contributes a lot to the wellness factor. After all health is wealth. I make sure that I never skip my breakfast, no matter what happens, I make it a point to have a healthy and a filling breakfast. This generally includes a bowl of oats with full cream milk, a dollop of yogurt and some berries of my choice. Or if I am on the go a good MC Donald’s breakfast and a coffee is perfect to go along.



Being healthy starts by taking good care of your own self, my body is a temple and I must keep it toxic free to have a healthy lifestyle. The benefit of a good lifestyle is enormous, so go-ahead and embrace a way of life that keeps our wellness factor up always.
My fitness regime includes a 10-15 mins’ jog thrice a week coupled with some free hand exercises like squats and crunches.



We live in a digital world where everything is within our control in the virtual medium, however many of us don’t realize, socializing on social media does help us in grabbing followers and likes which is a mandate of today’s society. But, how about keeping that phone aside and catching up an old pal for a conversation over a cup of coffee, which u have been planning for months together?
For mental wellness, socializing is a must factor in everyone’s life.
My socializing definition would be to unwind with an old friend over lunch/ brunch or over a glass of wine.


You’re not supposed to live at one place, you’re not a tree, of course never lose a moment or an opportunity you get to wander and travel around. You not only gain friends, but you also encounter various cultures.
My love for travel has taken me to various lands and continents to discover the unknown and interact with various cultures. I feel happy, rejuvenated, relaxed and fresh when I travel. This factor ranks way higher on my wellness scale if you ask me personally. I don’t often get an opportunity to travel solo, but when I do I take it a point to make the trip worthwhile and enjoy to my fullest. Last month I was at Geelong, Victoria for a Cricket Australia Event over 3 days and this was the perfect 3 days to unwind and discover things around me.

Whenever you can travel solo, this is the best possible thing you can do to yourself, truly enriching and this space is absolutely needed by everyone.

Hobbiton,New Zealand

So folks, give priority in life the factors which keeps you healthy mentally, socially and personally, after all its one life, make it worth the living!