How to Wander Victoria | My Hiking Adventures

How to Wander Victoria?

Summer is the perfect time to head for a road trip and this is exactly what I did, the Christmas break was full of hiking, trail walking and beach camping!

Sounds fun? Well yes, it was! Located just 2 hours by road from Melbourne, Gippsland (located at the Southernmost tip of Australia) is known for its stunning Mountain hiking and trail walking adventures.

My Hiking Adventures

No matter what kind of wonderer your Victoria has something to offer everyone.

My little one loves the beach, my husband loves hiking and I love trail walking, so everyone eventually got a piece of adventure for themselves. Settle down camping on the Base of the Tidal River or you plan to climb up the Mt. Oberon the choice is yours.



Things to do at Wilson Prom| Gippsland, Victoria


Things to do at Wilson Prom| East Gippsland, Victoria

We settled our camp on the base of the Tidal River like other, which has a General store to supply you with basic necessities and hiked up to catch the Bay views.Don

Don’t forget to climb to the summit of Mount Oberon, to catch the Dramatic interaction of the Squeaky beach and the Lush Green Mountains.

Taking a panoramic picture of the summit is what many travellers do. It’s very windy on the top of the summit so be extra┬ácareful while climbing up.

Hiked up Mount Oberon, Wilson Prom, Gippsland

The Squeaky beach located at the base of the Tidal river is the perfect family hangout place, the powdery sand and the clear blue water does remind you of the Whitsundays (Great Barrier Reef).

The Squeaky beach also happens to be the best beach in Victoria, because of its stunning bay views!

The Wilson Prom National Park is a huge area and if you ask me how long it will take to cover this entire 1500 acres of land, the answer would be 7 days

The short trail walks do offer some amazing views of the coastal area too, but a fairly mild fitness level is needed to Hike the mountain summits.

iconic Prom walk, Wilson Prom, Gippsland
Climbing the Mount Bishop, Wilson Prom, Gippsland

So, go ahead guys and experience this adrenal gush while you hike to the summit and if you have already been there I would love to discover new trail walks.

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Love Hiking then Grampians, Victoria is another Destination for you!

Wishing everyone a safe and a healthy 2018, keep exploring and travelling but always make sure you’re safe!!

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