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Zanzibar Island, East Africa

What to do when you’re in East Africa?

Take a visual tour with me on the most beautiful island in the Indian Ocean that’s still untouched by many!

If you ask me if I have ever been to Africa and what I love the most about it? Then the answer would be many times and for the latter, it is “Zanzibar Island”.

Zanzibar Island, Africa

#Zanzibar Island

By now, you must have realised I am an Island girl, there’s a strange fondness that I have towards islands and island life. I prefer to spend days and months over various untouched, virgin islands, where mankind is yet to venture. One such place which never makes me fail to amaze is the beautiful jewel on the Indian Ocean called as Zanzibar Island, well many wouldn’t know about this small island which lies off the coast of the mainland Tanzania, Africa.

I had some wonderful opportunity to visit this archipelago; It’s characterized by beautiful sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs, and the magical historic Stone Town – said to be the only functioning ancient town in East Africa.

#Chartered Flight

This destination in the east of Africa is well serviced by Emirates from Dubai, probably the most convenient way to fly, when you do so across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Post reaching the mainland Tanzania (Dar E Salaam) Airport, you get transferred to the Ferry terminal to catch a short bumpy ride to this beautiful island. Needless to say, it’s always Visa on arrival to most of the African destination.

It was a fascinating way to reach the island just a 30 mins ride by Ferry wherein if you are lucky you can catch a dolphin or two; the other way to travel is a personalized chartered plane that takes 15 mins only and it was fun boarding it. This Chartered flight has a capacity of 6 passengers and flies at an appx 5000 Feet, make sure to keep your camera ready for the stunning views of the coral and the islands below.


The chartered 6 seater flights
The chartered 6 seater flights that carry passengers from the mainland to the Island!

#Stone Town

The fabled Stone Town, where history appears to stand still; for me, Stone Town is Africa at its best. The bustling market, winding alleyways, ornately carved and studded doors, two cathedrals and countless mosques, characterized by the beachside food joints, where you can happily cherish the local cuisines.

African coffee cant be given a miss, specially the Ethiopian Coffees, so if your in Africa make sure you carry some packs of Ethiopian Coffee or Kenyan tea along with you like i did!


#Mweni Ruin Resort

Talking of the food reminds me I stayed in this wonderful resort a few miles away from the Stone Town known a Mweni Ruin Resort located on the warm turquoise  water of the Indian Ocean; it has the best sunset I have ever seen, if you ever happen to spend a night on this island, don’t ever miss the sunset.

I recommend this resort, solely because of its location, they allow you to dine under the stars and celebrate a special occasion with a whole seafood platter with Indian curries.

Sunset on the Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

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#The Sunset

Sunset on the Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
Sunset on the Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
Sunset on the Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
Sunset on the Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Needless to say, the curries in Tanzania are no different than the Indian curries and the freshest catch of the seafood will make you drool for sure. Food has been

majorly influenced by the incredible mixture of the ethnic backgrounds across the country.


#Pemba Island & the archipelago

Along with Zanzibar, there’s another island which also forms a part of the archipelago is the Pemba island, known for its clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many other spices and major exports of clove happen from here.

The west part of the island has a long stretch of white sandy beaches surrounded by private resorts, which are ideal for family outings, people also own their own private holiday home.

While I was taking an evening walk and waiting for the sun to set; I spotted a small island across the Ocean; which is known as the Prison island. Here years back as the name suggests misbehaving slaves were kept; it is the home of ancient Aldabra tortoises. Prison Island is an excellent place for snorkelling and ideal for day tour!

Partially towards the north part of the island still remains untouched, so I took a drive into the unknown corner, the drive along the sea coast was worth it.

Therefore, if you think of Africa, don’t forget to book this East African Island in your travel list the next time.

Only to relax, soak and take a break in the beautiful paradise on the Indian Ocean called “Zanzibar “ in East of Africa!

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Let me know what you feel about this beautiful Indian Ocean island? Would you like to visit this?