My Hiking escapade to the Grampians!

Think about adventure in Victoria and you have a plethora of things in your mind to choose from.One of them is the Grampians National Park, this place gives a taste of Aboriginal Culture, outdoor activities, adventurous hiking, walking trails, wildlife encounters and breath-taking rugged landscapes.

Perched at approximately 370 Kms drive from the Melbourne City, the smooth drive through to this National park takes you through the Ballarat, Ararat and a few countryside regions before arriving at the National Park.

At Ballarat!

Before i arrived at the first stop Brambuk, National Park and cultural Center, i took a lunch stopover at the Halls Gap. This area is surrounded by the National Park and gives stunning views for a perfect picture moment!

Halls Gap!
Halls Gap

You will also get to spot not less than 10 varieties of Australian Origin birds along with the famous kookaburra here, however the kangaroos are only visible just before dusk.

Halls Gap!

The Barmbuk, is the perfect place to experience Australia’s native flora and fauna and Aboriginal culture. The National Park and Cultural Center is 100 per cent owned and operated by Aboriginal people and is the longest running Aboriginal Cultural Center in Australia.If your keen in knowing the Aboriginal communities of Western Victoria this is your place to know it all, be it didgeridoo music, traditional dance, basket weaving, boomerang throwing and painting.

Brambuk National Park!


Brambuk Cultural Theater!


The first hiking begins at the Mackenzie waterfall this is just 20 kms drive from Halls Gap and a 1.9 kms steep trail to climb back. The iconic and spectacular Mackenzie Falls is a must for all visitors to Grampians National Park.There are couple of Lookout points like Mackenzie Falls Lookout Walk, Broken Falls Lookout and the Bluff Lookout.

But hiking down to the base of the falls is worth all the energy and effort, I was fortunate to spot a rainbow too, don’t get overwhelmed by the ice-cold water and the view as swimming is not permitted due to strong currents. However you can happily dip your tired feet’s and enjoy the cold splashes, while you enjoy this beauty.

Mackenzie Falls Lookout!
Mackenzie Falls Lookout point!
Spotted a Rainbow too!
Mackenzie Falls!
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The Grampians features a striking series of sandstone mountain ranges, one of them is the Jaws of Death. This rock formation looks like a Jaw of a deathly animal, its prohibited to climb these rocks as there has been a few deaths in the past while climbing them. However, one can pose and take some lovely shots overlooking these deathly jaws.

Jaws of Death!
The Balconies!

Located within half an hour drive from Halls gap, Lake Wartook is a delightful venue boasting a serene setting perfect for all weekend and day trippers. It is also one of the largest and most renowned lakes in the Grampians region. However, the view from the tops were equally breath-taking. The blue haze that’s visible is due to the eucalyptus trees that gives this effect.

Lake Wartook!
Lake Wartook behind!

A day’s trip is short time to explore the entire Grampians, people spend weeks here, as there are many walking trails which ranges up-to several days and some hidden landscapes which is worth the hike.There are some amazing resorts and backpackers at the Halls Gap to stay back, if your keen to catch the sunrise in the mountains.

I said good bye to the balconies and headed back to the Halls Gap to catch the Kangaroos at dusk. So till the time the extended summer stays on, take advantage and head out on the roads to the Grampians.