Date Lunch in my Floral Off Shoulder Cropped top & A line Skirt!

The days are officially approaching towards an end to the Australian summer,and before i bid adieu, here’s what i wore to celebrate the Last Summer weekend in Style!

I had won a couple VIP Pass for La La Land Screening at the Shimmer lands, Melbourne with Wine and Dine; and I wore this beautiful floral Off Shoulder Cropped top with a matching A line skirt.


The midriff baring top is a wardrobe staple and when you happen to pair it with a high waist A line skirt, it does hike up your style quotient!


Kept it simple as the outfit speaks a lot in itself; with matching heels, some basic accessories with my day time makeup and a statement bag to go along!



Summer is almost over, and I had to make sure I rocked this with an Off shoulder Floral Cropped top and A line Skirt before the season officially ends! Personally i love Cropped tops and when this is matched with high waist skirt, your bound to be the  cynosure of all eyes!


An absolute feminine outfit for a that perfect Date lunch!

What i wore?

Outfit: MRP, Australia

Clutch: Dotti

Accessories: Lovisa 

So go ahead ladies, make sure to have fun and enjoy the last summer Weekend in Melbourne! And like i always say it keep it Stylish off runway too!


My V day outfit is all about Casual Glam!

We judge an outfit to define an individual’s personality, that speaks for itself even without uttering a word! I always believe in power dressing and when it comes to dressing up for occasions, I choose my outfit that has lots of oomph and drama embroiled.

And this Valentine was no different, I chose to ditch the classic Red and moved over to something that features my glamour quotient.

Floral Print Tube Play suit!


I kept it simple by styling this floral printed play suit with nude heels and a choker with a classic clutch to go along with it. Picked this Glam outfit from H&M Melbourne, didn’t realize i would find my size though.




I headed out for a lunch date with hubby and the floral outfit did make heads turn; Melbourne with its unpredictable weather conditions turned out to be chilly that day, so I carried along a black jacket to radiance in the warmth necessary on Valentine’s Date.

A simple yet a casual outfit can turn your glam quotient UP provided one style’s it accordingly!

With a few days left for summer, the wait for fall begins so there aren’t many occasions to flaunt a tube outfit, so make the most of it now!


We headed to Phamish Food and Wine bar at St. Kilda, this place happens to be one of my favorite eat out joint and I absolutely love their spread of food delicacies. Am simply a fan of their healthy range of smoothies and it should get a definite trial on your next visit here.

Healthy Smoothies to go along with Lunch!

So, go ahead and the make your date lunch special by adding a casual glam factor to it! At the end, whatever you wear, flaunt it with confidence and your style factor gets a heads up automatically!

Wellness: My way of Living!

Being a Beauty Queen wellness is a quintessential part of my life, I can’t forgo a single day not including this element in my daily routine.
So, what consists of well-being, it’s a way of life, a subset of your happiness quotient, your stress handling ability, how active your and what includes in your meal!


I start my day on a positive note, that today is the day I am going to chase my dreams yet again, no matter I fail or succeed that doesn’t redefine my dreams, they only take me one step closer to it. A positive mind set can change the outlook of our life, this factor contributes to our overall wellness too.
I always don’t get greeted by success; there are days when I am extremely low, so what I do? Pull up my sleeves, relax, leave everything and do things that makes me happy, go out and shop at my favorite store, plan a short gateway with family or call an old friend and chat for an hour or listen to my favorite music. I eventually realize, this is a good technique to move over the low days and feel motivated to start afresh.


Eating Right:

Your what you eat; so, make sure you eat the right things, being healthy contributes a lot to the wellness factor. After all health is wealth. I make sure that I never skip my breakfast, no matter what happens, I make it a point to have a healthy and a filling breakfast. This generally includes a bowl of oats with full cream milk, a dollop of yogurt and some berries of my choice. Or if I am on the go a good MC Donald’s breakfast and a coffee is perfect to go along.



Being healthy starts by taking good care of your own self, my body is a temple and I must keep it toxic free to have a healthy lifestyle. The benefit of a good lifestyle is enormous, so go-ahead and embrace a way of life that keeps our wellness factor up always.
My fitness regime includes a 10-15 mins’ jog thrice a week coupled with some free hand exercises like squats and crunches.



We live in a digital world where everything is within our control in the virtual medium, however many of us don’t realize, socializing on social media does help us in grabbing followers and likes which is a mandate of today’s society. But, how about keeping that phone aside and catching up an old pal for a conversation over a cup of coffee, which u have been planning for months together?
For mental wellness, socializing is a must factor in everyone’s life.
My socializing definition would be to unwind with an old friend over lunch/ brunch or over a glass of wine.


You’re not supposed to live at one place, you’re not a tree, of course never lose a moment or an opportunity you get to wander and travel around. You not only gain friends, but you also encounter various cultures.
My love for travel has taken me to various lands and continents to discover the unknown and interact with various cultures. I feel happy, rejuvenated, relaxed and fresh when I travel. This factor ranks way higher on my wellness scale if you ask me personally. I don’t often get an opportunity to travel solo, but when I do I take it a point to make the trip worthwhile and enjoy to my fullest. Last month I was at Geelong, Victoria for a Cricket Australia Event over 3 days and this was the perfect 3 days to unwind and discover things around me.

Whenever you can travel solo, this is the best possible thing you can do to yourself, truly enriching and this space is absolutely needed by everyone.

Hobbiton,New Zealand

So folks, give priority in life the factors which keeps you healthy mentally, socially and personally, after all its one life, make it worth the living!

Playful in a Playsuit!

Summer is all about experimenting with new looks, spaghetti’s, off shoulder or be it tube dresses. My personal favourite for summer has always been “A line” dresses or a body-con if I am attending a formal event.

But however, both stands redundant, when u wish to stand out and yet look voguish at all occasions.

Recently I had my hands on a new clothing style and this made me feel; it would be the perfect time to flaunt a play-suit, be it Brunch with an old friend, dinner date with hubby or you are sailing with family on a boat!

I started playing around with a play suit and in a short while this has surely become my personal favourite.
This quintessential element has found a special place in my wardrobe; the perfect companion for Dinner dates, House parties and Beach hop on evenings.


Cotton’s On Play suit
Cold shoulder Play suit from Valley Girl


Play-suit from Valley girl!
Play-suit from Dotti!

I wasn’t a play-suit or a Jumpsuit person, being petite always stopped me flaunting a jumpsuit and I always felt I don’t have a perfect figure to flaunt a play-suit either. The cold shoulder Play-suit from Valley girl, fetched me innumerable compliments off late and i am looking out to try more of this style.

Valley girl Play suit!

 Fusion clothing that’s comfortable as well as a trendsetter!

With 100 days of summer at our disposal we still have many days to flaunt one such outfit every day!

So, go ahead guys, be trendy and look at your best even when you’re “off the runway”!