Are you Pageant Ready?

A brand-new year is here; make the most of it by setting your Pageant goals and resolutions. Getting Pageant ready isn’t that tough as it looks like, here are some pointers to make you define your Pageants goals in 2017.

Upcoming Pageant:

Do a read up on the pageant that you wish to be a part of, its ideal to have a look at the past 2 years Grand Finale videos to get a fair idea how the contest looks like. International and National pageants would be different, so the preparation depends on what kind of competition your entering, the number of participants, their core competencies and their backgrounds and the Pageant Objective.

I always prefer to do this prior study before the Big day arrives, when I take onto them on the big stage.


The most important aspect of your journey.

You must have heard this “you are what you eat”. Well yes indeed, having a perfect balanced diet is the right way to begin the Pageant Journey.

Being a perfectionist by nature, whatever I aim for I do it the right way else I really don’t.

Post child birth it was a tough choice to eat right and healthy at the same time.

So, what makes it right; here are the tips, Portion control, this word changed the way I look today, yes indeed. What does Portion Control mean, whatever you eat, consume it in a smaller portion of the actual quantity. By doing this your making your body consume lesser calories at the same time getting used to smaller portion too.

Say NO to junk food, everyone loves coke, pizza, burgers and chips, even I do, but if you aim to be a beauty queen these are a very little sacrifice you make in this journey.

Say YES to water, with 70% of our body composition being water, why we prefer to drink it less?

Replace food with water; if you do that you tend to feel less hungry and at the same time tend to eat less too. I always drink a lot of water since my pregnancy days and that habit has still stayed on, which helps me.


Well most of the Mrs Pageant’s doesn’t require a Swim wear round, but some International pageants do. So, does it matter if they have a swim wear round or not?

Staying fit is a lifestyle and everyone should own that exquisite lifestyle, no matter who they are and what they do. You must have heard people saying fitness is a Journey and one should exercise not only for a good body but also for a healthy life.

So here are the tips, no need to join a Gym or join an aerobic session at your neighborhood. If your food intake is healthy this below combination of exercises would help you.

20 mins of physical activity every day/daily is a good way to maintain that healthy weight. A combination of Jogging, running, swimming, squats and planks, whatever suits you, can comprise your exercise regime.

If you ask me I would say dancing is the best way to sweat it out, I enjoy and I love to dance so it serves both the purposes.



 Bigger Picture:

Whatever you aim to do, always look at the larger picture of where and what you wish to do by entering the chosen Pageant.

I keep getting a lot of question from the aspiring women that, I wish to win this Pageant please guide me, etc. Now the only question I ask them what you wish to achieve by winning it. Once you set your goal straight, it becomes easier to pursue the Journey as well.

Remember focus, perseverance plays the key to any success!



Persuasive talking does the work and if you have a gift of Gab, you tend to win this game easily.

Work on your eloquence, read up, the google has a plethora of pageant questions available as a ready reference, few with answers, few without.

Practise talking in front of the mirror, which I normally do or ask your friend or partner to ask you question, this would definitely help.



Remember the first impression is the last impression, the way you appear makes or breaks the opinion of the Judges.

Make sure to flaunt outfits that suit your body contours and your personality. Like what?

Well, you will always see me wearing high slits gowns and dresses, if you wondered why? Well here is the tip.

If you are petite like me and want to stand out among taller woman in the pageant, where they are way too taller than you. A high slit dress or gown takes away the attention from your height to your legs, well in that case make sure u have a toned pair of legs.

Always carry extra pair of shoes always, you may never know when your gorgeous pair of heels gives up!




Well I kept this element last because once you have done the above preparation, this element maximizes automatically and trust me most of the time this is the only element that makes you the winner.

So, like I always say confidence is the most important accessory that you carry along with you in the entire journey.


Well to summarize, these are my guidelines to make it big in any pageant, I am sure everyone has their own way of looking at a competition and there is no right or wrong way to it.

Do feel free to place your questions or comments.

Happy reading and all the best to the aspiring Queens!






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  1. It’s a hard to maintain at all levels mostly after pregnancy, but you r really a role model for those who want to fit forever. Apart from this I admire Ur other talents.

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