Lake Mountain: My First Victorian Snowy Encounter!

Being a tropical person, i am always left out with options during winter, but Melbourne does offer a couple of snowy encounters during winters; the nearest would be the Lake Mountain. Specially when your just 4 months into a brand new continent wherein your able to see all the four season at its best bloom.

Whenever you think about weekend and there are numerous options that comes up for road trips. As Australian winter is giving way to its Spring to flutter in, we decided to enjoy the last snowfall of the season at Lake Mountain Alpine resort in Melbourne.


Situated just 120 minutes drive from the CBD of Melbourne, this place offers more than just a weekend gateway, its a all year round action packed family destination.

This 2 hour journey takes you through the Yaara ranges and its a feast to the eyes to enjoy the journey through the woods. There are points wherein you can stop and enjoy the pictorial landscapes.


Me and my 2 year old toddler were excited to have some snow fun at the Alpine resort which had their yearly snowman festival. Dozens of families with their kids were seen participating in this festival; so did we.Victoria is always known to have the chilliest winters and this years winter was a prolonged one with heavy snowfall almost every single day.

Skiing and Toboggan are common snow games and whether your an adult or a kid one should trying skiing on Tobaggan, its super fun.

Lake Mountain Alpine resort has a retail store and a snow hiring equipment store too, for all you snow play needs. The retail store has a plethora of snow gadgets so if your missing on a gloves or a cap you can buy on at a nominal retail rate here.

Apart from snow-play, there’s a snow walking trial , which can be covered by foot and one should explore it.Though the path which we explored unknowing was entirely covered with 4cm of Snow as it snowed 2 days back on the mountain.

This path was not allowed for pedestrians and was solely for the skiers only, there’s an alternative path that runs parallel to this snow covered ski zone as well.

The Lake Mountain resort has a two cafes that offers variety of food and beverage offerings. You wish to enjoy in the snow or sit by the cafe window side and enjoy a hot cuppa while seeing others having the snow fun.

13958074_10153805362565418_1904228466946739995_o.jpgSo if you have missed 2016 snowy gateway to any of the Snowy mountains in Victoria, you can definitely plan your next road trip to this kids friendly Lake Alpine Snow mountain resort.